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Posted: 09/29/2018 07:56:32
Hello dear members,

Welcome to your new website!
It is such a joy to share this journey with you, building our new website to your needs and based on your suggestions.

Currently the Pioneer status is available for anyone who is interested in becoming one of the founders and first believers in this great project.

Benefits of the Pioneer status:
1- A discount on current memberships.
2- Any suggestion that is made by a pioneer member and is executed will count towards the member in a monetary value.
3- A forum tag.
4- Priority in deposits and withdrawal handling (future).
5- Less Cashout fees (future).
6- Tasks bonus (future).
7- The ability to participate in the Revenue Share program (future)

In order to claim a Pioneer title along with all its features all you have to do is send in a payment of $5 or 90 EGP through any of our deposit methods and then fill in a ticket. It will be manually added to your account within 48 hours.

This membership status will be yours forever and it is only available within our Beta 1 phase.
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